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      We are pleased to announce the introduction of the World's first DUAL-FLEX SUP Skate Stick! 

      Designed with strength and flex in mind, our skate stick is built from a Carbon Fiber Reinforced solid Aspen core. This unique construction, along with our unique rectangular shaft design, allows for rigid land paddling yet forgiving flex for breaking and turning maneuvers. 

      This is not your average Land Paddle. We have taken the idea of Stand Up Paddling to a whole new level of control and flexibility. 

      *Carbon Fiber reinforced solid Aspen core for a shaft that is light and strong, rigid and flexible, versatile and extremely durable.

      *Round handle design allows for 360-degrees of comfortable grip, while our rectangular shaft design offers riders unprecedented control of the stick for riders of all sizes.

      *Our innovative foot design utilizes a standard large diameter longboard wheel for great traction at a fraction of the cost! Easily remove, replace, or interchange any large diameter skate wheel using a standard skate tool. Try wheels with different durometers to further customize your riding experience.

    • $89.95

    • Maki Longboards SUP Skate Stick
    • SUP Skate Stick Closeup
    • SUP Skate Stick Foot

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